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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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let me say i am a maniac and everyone on the stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. >> sarcasm from one of the candidates. donald trump did not attend the gop debate that he was not forgotten as you can see with that comment. hot button issues and how the candidates handled the absence of the front runner. lots of people getting ready to file tax returns and volunteers are ready to help you get the money you deserve. giving out money this morning. >> sort of not really but it is advice. >> not at all. >> that is not what is happening. >> if you call you can get money. good morning. 6 am friday, january 29. >> it is friday. deneige is watching the roads and we are told in the corner on el nio. >> sunshine in the forecast today through the weekend huge
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dropping off we dropped off 4 degrees orange county over the last 60 minutes, 54, 40s now in lake county and clermont. 49 . grab a jacket chilly this morning and we will stay cool. we will have more son and 24 hour temperature change. some spots close to 15 degrees cooler behind the cold front clouds overnight have been sweeping. i was looking at 2:00, 3:00, this morning cloud cover in spots but that is leaving us look at your planner. lunchtime, 60 degrees get your kids on the playground and let them finally burn energy. 64 at 2:00, 65 by the time we hit 4:00. 5, 6 degrees below average. that the high 66 is a cloud 65 merritt island and titusville. it will be breezy, heads up as you make your -- up for lost outdoor work from this rainy we. winds out of the northwest 10- 20.
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chillier it will get for tonight and we get into the weekend. 6:01 am. a look at the beach line. we was see what is going on with deneige. >> at the 417 from this camera you cannot see any issues but troopers are reporting a crash on the beach line westbound at the 417 on-ramp. keep that in mind that it's not blocking the ramp completely but you will need to move over. we have a crash and hunter's creek area, about the road, deerfield boulevard, this looks like it might be blocking a layman the area. you can get through no alternate needed i will let you know if you end up needing any. jamie? gop candidates went head-to- head in less iced debate days before the iowa caucus. >> as we showed you last night at 11:00, front runner donald trump was not there. boycotting over of moderator. janai norman has been going through the debate and the candidates try to capitalize on trumps absence. >> reporter: with all donald trump last night, senator dead crews moved front and center on the debate stage.
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convince iowa voters why they should be president days ahead of monday's caucus. >> it was the elephant not in the room. donald trump's feud with fox news coal moderator megan kelly met an extra podium on the side of the stage just in case the front runner decided to show up but he did not and in his absence candidates tried to take a more civil tone and last night gop debate, still clashing over differences on leadership, electability, and immigration. >> i was for legalization and so was dead but now he says it was not so and that is not true. >> we led the fight against amnesty. >> the truth is, ted, throughout the campaign you are willing to say or do anything to get votes. >> stop the washington -- and get things done. >> meanwhile, 3 miles away, donald trump put on his own event raising money for veterans yes i did not want to be here i have to be honest. i wanted to be about 5 minutes
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but you have to stick up for your rights. when you are treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. >> reporter: looking at how candidates from florida did last night. 6:30, i will find some of bush and rubio's main points as they tackle tough topics. nancy? on the democratic side the race in iowa is neck and neck and the war of words between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders continues to grow in the past couple days, former president bill clinton was campaigning for his wife in iowa. hillary clinton has also argued she will get things done in washington. at the same time, sanders continues to paint clinton as to close to wall street. wftv political analyst has a good explanation on why the iowa caucus matters so much. read about it in his blog go to and click on the
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working to get an update on a person who was hit by a car on will center drive in orlando. because major backups in the church district last night and eastbound lanes blocked near i- drive. the road is back open. when we get an update from state troopers we will bring it to in the newscast and our wftv app. a mother and 4 children getting help from the red cross this morning after 5 officials say a car fire spread to their home in ocala. look at these pictures. you can see flames shooting from the room -- home on juniper trail lane in silver spring shores. it happened last night. you can see firefighters working to put out the car fire. the family was not home at the time and no one hurt the state far marshals office is investigating the cause. the marion county sheriff says it would have been illegal to release body cameras and surveillance video of 5 deputies punching, kicking and needing a suspect any sooner than he did because his agency was not investigating. wednesday we showed you this video of the now former deputies beating derek price during a 2014 drug arrest. after reviewing store surveillance and body camera
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deputies without pay and sent the case to fdle. 4 of the deputies have pleaded guilty and are waiting to be sentenced. the state has taken away a local pediatricians license over accusations that he was drinking and taking drugs while treating children. >> so we went straight to the doctor to question him about these allegations. 9 investigates found complaints were filed in october and november of last year, claiming doctor norbert falasco was under the old slaves while treating children. velasco has documented past substance abuse issues and pleaded guilty in 2003 to trafficking oxycodone but he tells us a disgruntled ex- employee named the false complaints. i love you, all my babies and children. doctor velasco has been persecuted unnecessarily. >> so you did not put children at risk? >> not at all.
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fight to get his license reinstated he has 30 days to appeal to the department of health decision. we posted more online. watch the interview on /videos. daytona beach police say a nurse is facing charges for stealing prescription pills living center. investigators say time is it, 33, 2 powerful pain pills like oxycodone from 10 patients at rehabilitation center. they sate mason told them she took the pills to treat her own headaches. she has since been fired from the facility and we stopped at her condo and she denied dealing the pills. leaders and daytona beach say they are working to get temporary shelter and 100 beds for the homeless will have been camped out at the volusia county services building for 43 days. at the issue barely came up at last night's regularly scheduled planning meaning. -- meeting. we been telling about the issues outside of the building
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volusia county councilmen says the city has until march 3 to sign an agreement with the county on a long-term shelter and he says he's optimistic. >> i hear from the city they want to have contracts signed by march 1. even before deadlines. >> as of right now come the city has not said anything in stone. leaders have said they will have a solution by the end of this week more than 160 volunteers were on the streets to identify how many homeless people live in central florida. these are pictures of the annual point in time count in orange, osceola and seminole county's. last year volunteers identified 2100 homeless people. this year officials want to see a smaller number. we will find out if they get the results they want next month. 9 family connection is teaming up with a heart of florida united way to make sure you do not miss out on tax breaks. they are using their call center to help bring big dollars to local famous. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten is light.
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maximize the refund. >> reporter: in the last hour the phones has started ringing. everyone and volunteers, workers are ready to help people maximize refunds and they are trying to get the word out about the earned income tax credit. they help callers to figure out if they qualify. people in florida missed out on more than $1 billion in potential refunds last year. this tax season in the heart of florida united way, they want to make sure the money goes home with local families. ctr. to help residents in seminole, orange and osceola counties to figure out if they can get a tax break called the earned income tax credit. >> anywhere between $503 and $6242 >> you want to make sure they >> we do. it is their hard earned money they are getting back. >> reporter: you can also call in to see if you qualify to get
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and if you do, they will direct you to more than 30 volunteer sites in the metro and it is as easy as styling 211. these folks are standing by to answer whatever questions you may have. we have talked with some of them and in the next half-hour we will break down the basics on how to get the most out of your tax filing period live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning eatonville's mayor says he will unveil plans to build the first african american museum in florida. the $8 million museum will be the largest research center on african-american history and heritage in the state totaling 124,000 ft.2. we will let you know what the plans include at 4:00. 6:10 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , certified meteorologist brian shields, severe weather center 9 feels at a long time we've seen the sun. >> mostly sunny skies campbell, chevy escape four corners temperatures in the 60s toward harmony and holopaw, 66.
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cranes roost, 67. in the 60s through seminole and interior sections of volusia county tort st. john's, pearson and de leon springs. 66, 67. lots of channel 9 eyewitness news the forecast and breezy. tonight, we will get chilly , 45 coming up in main weather, we will look at the weekend temperatures and time out the next front 6:11 am. we had a crash pop up in lake county and leesburg. state road for 4 at when he wrote it does not look like it is blocking too much of state road 44 but make sure you move over for the troopers balcom road and deerfield boulevard and hunter's creek area, this looks like it is blocking one lane but troopers are still through. slowdown. jamick? committee in jeopardy a dangerous chemical found in the water and why people living nearby are not surprised by the findings. >> the serious allegations aimed at the orange county sheriff's office over traffic
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it scared all of us.
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i'm nancy alvarez 615 name. looking at temperatures across central florida as you wake up this morning on a friday and looking had to what will be a beautiful weekend we will let you know what to expect we will have a full check weather and traffic every ten minutes. a man accused of keeping and high school students bedroom window is still in the orange county jail. spirit scary. we are hearing the frantic 911 call after the mother found about the incident. dominic race called -- she
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officers surrounded -- brace mom and daughter careful not to scare brace away before police moved in. >> i don't want to walk in because i don't want to scare him off. >> brace charged with burglary and voyeurism.. orange county sheriff's office and other law enforcement agencies are being accused of targeting black drivers. the aclu says new released a study shows deputies take in black drivers almost 3 times more often than white drivers in orange county be the organization says it is concerned officers use the seatbelt law as a way to pull over black drivers that they would not have stopped otherwise. aclu is asking departments to give officers more training. orange county sheriff's office told us it continually reevaluate policies, procedures and operations and the sheriff
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soon. stew -- foodstamp recipients changes. foodstamp cars unloaded in the first 12 days of the month. dcf is changing the disbursement to be spread over 28 days. that means for the month of march recipients will get half at the beginning of the month for example and the rest later in the month on a due day. then benefits will have to be stretched -- new day and the benefits will have be stretched the following month. volusia county employees getting raises over the next 2 years after the union school district reach an agreement. under the plan cafeteria workers campus advisors maintenance techs and bus drivers will get a 3.5 percent raise starting july 1. the deal which also keeps health insurance benefits in place for employees still needs to be voted on by both parties next month. seminole county, some people living in and altamonte springs apartment complex say they are concerned for their health and safety after as you can see, there ceiling
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severe weather. residents at this apartment say that the dealing with mildew, mold for months despite going to their landlord they say nothing has been done to take care of the issue. >> it is core eastern -- core thing moisture to be in the living room, floor but something has to get done. >> the landlord tells us he's provided residents with sealer and sprayed for the mold and mildew problems. the city of altamonte springs says they have not had code violations of the property in the last year. 6:18 am. minutes. >> turning the corner we will before. we will see the sun. >> my popularity -- on facebook. 53 degrees, tran was out of
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temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. it will be drive. kids will get on the playground finally. 40 in the villages 57 melbourne, 50 and daytona beach winds coming out of the northwest drying us out. the front from yesterday scooting offshore and the dry pocket is moving in. once the sun comes up, we will see a lot today. sunny skies 60 at noon cool feel you may want your short -- jacket through the day. mid 60s by the afternoon. outdoor workers, great shape you making up for lost time this weekend. or week, rather. the dry through today and the upcoming weekend forecast. winds if you're working outdoors or plans outdoors will be breezy out of the northwest at 10-20.
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at the beaches, seas up 4-6 feet. strong risk of rip currents and we will be choppy on the intercoastal. water temperatures for us in the 50s. 67, breezy and you can see the numbers consistent and all of us running in the mid-60s but tonight it is going to get chilly. lots of 40s to near 50 in cocoa beach. most of us low to mid 40s. after a chilly start tomorrow, lots of runs going on across central florida. a beautiful day and we will top out around 70 as we get you through the weekend forecast. be sure to download the all new icflorida app which is free, great website. find out the happenings across central florida. a lot. race fans by the speedway this weekend, you cannot ask for much more. five-day forecast, with the weekend always in view, 70 tomorrow, 74 sunday. warming up monday and tuesday. tuesday, by the way, close to 80 but we will see another
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6:20 am. an update on a crash with deneige. >> we have a crash walking one lane in hunter's creek area bolcom one lane in hunter's creek area bolcom rd., deerfield boulevard but troopers will allow you to get through. move over for them. presidents drive, presidents dr., john young parkway this popped up waiting for an update about if they have been blocking off lanes. we will have the update in 7 minutes. a local family had to get rid of their backyard chickens. why the birds could cause the family hundreds of dollars. >> republicans debating issues among last debate before the iowa caucus coming up how the issues. why a father says the state
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of volusia county fathers push to make school bus stops safer are being stalled by red light cameras. he supporting a new bill that will allow district to at cameras on buses to catch and find drivers who pass illegally. his 12-year-old daughter was killed walking home from her bus stop and debary in 2010. lawmakers do not want any more surveillance on the roads. lawmakers are planning to
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drop cameras. >> this is common sense and probably the most perfect piece of legislation filed this session but it is not moving. >> a survey done last november found nearly 11,000 the drivers illegally pass school buses across the state in just one day. orange county, transportation officials plan to add the median to approve -- improve a busy road they say has been the scene of 2 dozen serious crashes. 30 t-bone crashes have been reported at the goldenrod intersections with mai tai drive and quailed on street in the last 4 years. that meeting last night department says it will add medians will only allow left- hand turns to curb down on the problem. the man orange county deputies say scanned and north carolina social worker with bogus universal orlando tickets is still in jail this morning.
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and hriciso and 11 a vacation. she says she responded to a craigslist ad and met kevin bauer at a walmart to buy several tickets for $75 each. when she went to the park, she found the tickets were not good deputies found bauer and arrested him. a new edition is coming to disney world sports complex. plans filed with the state showed is a wants to build a 286,000 ft.2 venue at the espn wide world of sports complex because they did not specify what exactly the venue will be for. stay tuned. florida voters will decide if medical marijuana will be legal in our state. >> how the group behind the initiative plans to attract more people to the polls are ready to vote yes. republican candidates went head-to-head in iowa for 630 we are gathering what candidates have to say about the fence and leadership days ahead of the iowa caucus. the front moving away but
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dropping. out the door temperatures at
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6:30 am a live look in orlando united way call center where if you call in orange county, 211, helping you with tax returns. >> good on friday morning. >> we do check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige watching the roads. shields. >> the nice weather for the temperatures tracking, chilly at times look at today, sun returning, mostly sunny and will be breezy picks --. 67. go with a jacket or sweatshirt,
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49 clermont, 52 sanford. 40s and low 50s, 45 dropping off 1 degree in ocala, 56 melbourne, that is going down and 52 and chilly st. cloud, temperature change. spots to close to 20 degrees cooler this morning. that is because clouds are sweeping away and will sweep and a lot of sunshine. volusia county, deland middle, 60 degrees at noon. 64 at 2:00. playground time today. better for picked up time when you kids out. 58 this evening, 6:00. coming up behind the front it will be cold. i would -- a map 6:31 am. volume building on the drive with deneige. >> we have not had crashes on i-4 this one. pulling up the camera here, i-
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volume that you have this morning. we have a crash presidents drive at john young parkway, troopers are not indicating it is blocking any lanes but if you are headed in that direction, make sure you slowdown and move over for them i will let you know in the next 7 minutes if they have to close any. jamie? republican candidate squaring off last night in the final debate ahead of the iowa caucus. the top of the hour we showed you how candidates tried to take a more civil tone front runner donald trump not in attendance yes eyewitness news this morning janai norman went back through the debate and candace have a few more days to convince i will voters they should be president. >> reporter: 3 days out from the iowa caucus and that was not enough to convince donald trump to show up to last night's debate but the other 7 candidates were not fazed by his absence. >> has anyone seen trump? where is trump? >> reporter: instead of joining
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debate stage, donald trump was 3 miles away at drake university hosting an event that would raise money for veterans. back on stage, the candidates went head-to-head with ted cruz taking center stage. >> let me say i am a maniac and everyone on the stage is stupid, fat and ugly. >> been, you are a temporal -- temporal -- terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten donald trumps portion of the way. >> we told you there's an and the podium to the side of the state a case trump shows up in his absence, florida senator. marco rubio and former governor it jeb bush once again tackled leadership. >> i believe the world is a safer, better place when america is a strong tower in the world. >> we need someone who will take on hillary clinton in november. someone who has a proven record who has been tested and who is totally transparent. >> reporter: the candidates closing arguments to voters in iowa. some are looking ahead to new
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primary will be a daily -- number 8 days later. the president made his final address to house democrats during the caucus retreat. the president that the country is a better shape than it was before he took office. he cited progress against islamic state forces and the curbing of iran's nuclear program. the president also made a prediction about the results of the presidential election. i have announcement to make about the presidential race. democrats will win in november and we will have a democratic president succeeding me >> the president says he has faced voters will not allow politicians to "is low -- insult muslims. taking a shot at trump expect central florida attorney bankrolling support to get medical marijuana on the ballot says supporters will reach out to more voters who are over the age of 60. the group united for care got enough signed petitions to put
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and 2014, the amendment narrowly failed to get enough support. 60 percent of voters will need to support the measure for medical marijuana capacity attorney john morgan believes since this year is a presidential election, it will of course bring out more voters. overnight, volusia county deputies are investigating the circumstances around a body that was found near house fire in ormond beach. deputies say they saw a man running out of the area near the home on river drive near midnight. sound. at this point deputy say the man appears to have taken his own life but they are investigating all circumstances firefighters initially the body also kept them from getting to the house fire. we had to deter units. the 2nd engine had to turn around and come from a different direction because the road was blocked by the incident. >> deputies say no other injuries were reported. when they release information
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the f.b.i. has released new video showing the moments leading up to the shootout that killed one of the protesters who seized a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. a helicopter caught all of the action on tuesday. robert "lavoy" finicum was killed after a fatal confrontations on an empty stretch of highway with police. he was one of the more vocal leaders of the organ protest. law enforcement officials say officers opened fire when he reached for a handgun in his waistband. in florida, backyard shooting ranges could soon be a thing of the past. thursday state senators voting to close a major loophole that 9 investigates exposed 2 years ago. lawmakers banned counties and cities from creating regulations on shooting ranges even in residential areas. in 2011 that is when backyard ranges started popping up the state house will review the bill to close the loophole. the woman who was sued casey anthony for defamation has now bonded out of jail. zenaida gonzalez accused of stealing credit cards. investigators say this video helped to linker and jonathan
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theft from the kissimmee motel where they worked. investigators say the card was stolen from a cancer patient. deputy say the couple charged acevedo is in jail. this with developers plan to get more for housing about what they want great affordable housing and paramore village and they are looking for a developer to leave the project the proposals and expected to vote by april. a family a seminole county may be forced to pay fines, big ones for keeping chickens in their backyard. we told you on wednesday code enforcement already gave the family 3 vibrations because they refused to get rid of about half a dozen chickens. less the county decides to change the rules code enforcement can fine the family up to $250 per day. >> i had chickens growing up. >> interesting. 6:37 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> at the fun fact. i like to share in the morning
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>> the job. 67, sun returns. 45 tonight, early tomorrow. activities going on. a great website. 5 kaser going on. it is going to be chilly. beautiful, breezy and the sun returns. leesburg, boulevard st. catherine bushnell, 67 in ocala back to the coast cocoa, cocoa beach and lotus in the mid-60s and merritt island, 65. 64 new smyrna beach bethune beach, 67 ormond beach and will have temperatures running in the 60s through flagler county. coming up ahead of main weather, we will track the weekend temperatures but also when the next and el nio-like storm system will move in. see you ahead at 6:47. right now 6:38 am.
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westbound at kaylee. here it is blocking the shoulder and looks like part of a lane. take it slowly through the area if you are leaving heading through downtown at kaylee. we have a crash partially blocking the road valencia college rain at john wesley way working to find out for troopers if you will need an alternate but make sure you slow down and move over for them. jamie? thousands of potential victims are waiting for the state to send their rape kits to the lab. coming up what lawmakers are doing to try to see -- speed up the stalled investigation. frightening predictions from health officials about the spread of the zika virus. >> reporter: if you want to get back money this tax season a quick call to the united way workers that could save you money.
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6:42 am 9 from the connection was make sure you get on the brake to he does or when you file your tax return. part of florida united way is using their call center to help bring big dollars to local families. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten joins us live and volunteers are standing by right now to help people works --. >> reporter: the first step in making sure you get the most money back is knowing what kind of tax breaks you qualify for and volunteers and workers behind me are ready, waiting to answer the questions. the heart of florida united way is using their 211 the heart of florida united way is using their 211 call ctr. this morning to make sure people around the metro get the most out of taxis and. some of the people on the other end of the line could qualify to get free tax advice or preparation. call. is already to tell you where and how. >> they help a person figure out what the qualify, submitting the tax refund for
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the individual. >> reporter: they can make sure you do not pay to file your taxes if you do not have to. if you qualify, united way workers and volunteers will direct you to more than 30 volunteer sites in the metro. >> they do not pay to file a tax return, they do not pay to prepare the tax return and they get one is a percent of the refund. other organizations key part of the refund so it's important that we help people who need money. >> last year 17 million $17 million in savings. who can call in, a reminder if you live in osceola orange or seminole county, a quick call to 211 and volunteers will tell you if you can be one of the taxpayers to save cash the season. in the next half-hour we will tell you what credit could help put money back in your pocket it in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning the head of the world health organization is
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cases of the zika virus in the next year. health officials say the number of people infected by the mosquito-borne virus is increasing. they say it is causing a huge scare for expectant mothers in the north and south america. they are up to 1.5 million estimated cases of the zika virus in brazil. thousands of babies have been born with tiny heads there indicating severe brain damage. these babies have brain damage to different degrees so it means inserting this generation into society will become located. >> there are at least 31 confirmed cases in 11 states in the u.s. including one and the tampa area and another in miami. resident obama met with the centers for disease control which is working on a vaccination for this and is urging pregnant women and women who plan to have children in the near future to avoid the 24 affected countries in south america and the caribbean.
6:37 am
on the list. -- the president is moving forward with ambitious plans to cure cancer. vice president joe biden in charge of the white house cancer moonshot task force. the nonpartisan campaign involving the permanent agencies. the goal includes more funding for research, new treatments, and better access to clinical trials while cutting through the bureaucratic red tape. a new bill speeding up testing and dna evidence is expected sexual assault cases as being discussed by state lawmakers. we have told the fdle is investigating more than 13,000 untested were -- kits. under the bill dna evidence collected in sexual assault cases will need to be collected to a criminal announces lab within 30 days. florida senate has passed a bill expanding the state stand your ground laws. if it becomes law, prosecutors will have to prove a pretrial hearing the defendant invoking
6:38 am
really acting in self defense. the senate also unanimously passed to gun bills, one with outlawing firing a gun in densely populated areas and the other giving judges flexible it is it is the people for possessing a gun. house committee is passing a bill that will allow 1.5 nguyen floridians with concealed weapons licenses to opponents say people carry guns in public could negatively impact tourism. supporters say it will not jeopardize safety. senate companion bill expected to be taken up on this soon and we will let you know if it survives the legislative session. and orlando woman says thieves change your address at the post office, stole her mail and then her identity. >> ruth schultz says they went to the post office and change your address after they stole my mail and they say they made the change december 20 but did not go into effect until january 11 and she does not know how much mail she has
6:39 am
>> i think you should know your address is changing before your mail actually stops coming to you. >> the u.s. postal service says anyone who signs a change of order acknowledges they face up to 15 years in prison if they submit false or inaccurate information. today marks one week since an inmate from volusia county escaped and there is no sign of him, his girlfriend, or her 3- year-old son. gary bullock junior escaped last friday from his work release program after cutting off his gps monitor. investigators say he and his girlfriend maybe in his 2010 white four-door chevy cobalt with her 2nd here are their photos for the cars florida tag is eu lj 30 -- 31 bullock serving an eight-year sentence dangerous. in miami 99-year-old woman says an exotic animal was inches from her face when she woke up after it touched her picks from if she survives this she will live forever. it was a pikachu. -- and animal found in the rain america.
6:40 am
when she realized it wasn't she screamed the animal was eventually taken to a local animal hospital where it was reunited with its own it. >> i had to move her to my brother's house in a temporary cage and she figured how to open it. >> a supervising veteran at the hospital -- veterinarian at the hospital says they don't cuddle. they use chartres -- they use their teeth when they are frightened. >> they are also called honey bears. >> nice weekend. >> more sun. clouds are sweeping away finally lots of sun. temperature changes to track this weekend and we will get into the next front. 57 now in cocoa beach winds
6:41 am
50s around in southern zones, 40s in northern zones, 46 in the villages, 45 ocala, grab a jacket it is getting chillier. dropping off the last 3 hours because behind the cloud cover winds out of the northwest and breezy and that will dry as out but overall that will keep us on the cool side and there is that mess from the last 2 days that brought us about 2-3 inches of rain in spots. today, no rain in the forecast. 59 at lunchtime floor ridge elementary. it can get out and get on the playground. as we hit the afternoon we will see mid 60s, 64 by the time we hit 2:00. if you work outdoors, we will see the dry day going to the timeframe, 3:00, all the way to the evening hours but with clear skies for tonight. that allows temperatures to drop off further. tonight will be the coldest night over the next 5 days. did winds out of the northwest so if you work outdoors breezy,
6:42 am
will keep us on the dry side. the water temperatures about the goal is at seen all season. 56-63, seas elevated 40 -- 460 currents. sun 67 and we go over numbers all of us running in the mid- 60s for today. tomorrow morning. it will be a colder night. a lot of temperatures low to mid 40s by early saturday morning winds a dropping out of the northwest at 5 there is a beautiful saturday once we hit the afternoon, we will bounce back to 70 degrees. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, we covered it today and tomorrow. tomorrow looks awesome kid 74 on sunday. race fans by the speedway cannot ask much more. 70 for a sunday. monday into tuesday warming up ahead of the next front and tuesday near 80 but we will see another front work in by midweek. while we hit 80 on tuesday, we
6:43 am
next week. 6:51 am. back ups near downtown here is deneige next i-4, church street we are seeing some delays westbound a crash timmonsville and kaylee but it slowing things down from colonial into i 4. valencia college lane, john wesley way that has a partial road block. university boulevard eastbound at ross road, we have a crash blocking one of the lanes. a big, huge day for harry potter fans. the special event a universal today attracting some stars from the movies to central florida. >> 3 days out from the iowa caucus. coming up we are breaking down the top topics candidates clashed over and last night's debate neighbors say trees along i- 4 used to act as a stout --
6:44 am
time now 6:55. gop candidates have three days now to convince iowa voters they should be president.
6:45 am
janai nor map joins us live -- norman joins us live. >> reporter: he was three miles away holding an event to raise money for veterans and as that debate got underway, everyone couldn't help but address the elephant not in the room. >> not about donald trump. he's an entertaining guy. the biggest show on earth. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a teddy bear to me. >> reporter: the candidates got cheeky but seemed to make a more civil teen in the debate. that didn't stop them from clashing over differences on immigration, electability, and as we showed you at 6:30. defense. ted cruz took center stage saying he's helped lead the fight against amnesty with rubio arguing cruz is willing to do anything for votes. jeb bush was strong against hillary clinton saying voters need someone who is transparent. the candidates have until monday to get their messages across to iowa voters. then it's on to new hampshire.
6:46 am
step of the way on the wftv mobile news app. jamie? tonight an investigation discovered land that's set for a new habitat for humanity development is contaminated with a chemical known for causing cancer and neurological disease. >> tce was detected on the property in bris low where at least nine homes are set to be built. a resident who lives nearby told us his water has been contaminated for years and says he has nerve damage from it. >> i can only stand in place three hours a day total. i have to be able to elevate my feet. i'm not able to work. >> coffee says he had to dig a deeper well to get safe water the county told us the water is safe because there are lower levels of tce. but they are working on an extensive environmental study. and you can help tell people about this 9 investigates story. just go to and you can share this post from there. a florida man has admitted
6:47 am
in companies in new jersey, california and nevada. carl stylen pleaded guilty to wire fraud in federal court yesterday. he is accused of sending fake invoices and now faces up to 20 years from prison and a $250,000 fine. the volusia county sheriff's office is warning residents about a phone scam that targets senior citizens. deputies say the scammer pretends to work with the agency and tells you to send one to clear up -- money to clear up a fake arrest warrant. deputies say an 81-year-old woman lost more than $5,000 to the scam. deputies say just hang up and call 911 if you receive one these call can be -- of these calls or any others soliciting money for the sheriff's office. orlando resort is hosting a big celebration of harry potter over the next few days. >> this is exciting. fans can celebrate all of his adventures from the books to the feature films and also a question and answer session with stars from the film
6:48 am
played ron ease lee and matthew lewis who played neville longbottom. this celebration runs through sunday. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> longbottom. i love that last name. hello major shields. >> hi, five day forecast with gorgeous for today. lots of sun in the forecast and couple of days of rain. keep in mind it is chilly this morning, jacket or sweatshirt but 67 by the afternoon. colder tonight, 45 by our saturday morning. 70 though on saturday. great by the speedway. 74 on sunday. then we warm up further. monday into tuesday, approaching 80 degrees before our next front rolls in and i hope you have a great weekend and i'll see you today at noon. all right, 6:59. here's deneige. we have a couple of crashes out there. valencia college lane at john wesley way causing a partial roadblock. you need a couple more minutes to get through there. and then university boulevard eastbound right at routes road
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